It is a pleasure to introduce OTIS as an inspection company approved by PDO, certified and holding membership of ISO 9001-2008, ASNT, LEEA, IADC. The engineers who run the company have extensive experience in all forms of inspection in Oil and Gas industry. They and other senior staff members have carried out inspection services for some of Oman’s largest companies.

We would be pleased to provide all type of inspection services you require as per relative standards with regards to PDO, BP and Oxidental specifications we will be pleased to offer you our competitive quotations for your entire inspection services or portion of it. We are certain that we can earn the privilege of being you inspection service provider.

Career opportunities with OTIS ! To apply for vacancies please click here :صندوق بريد رقم 390،  مجمع الحارثي ، الرمز البريدي رقم 118،  سلطنة عمان ، الهاتف : 24504199، الفاكس : 24595992 البريد الاكتروني

P.O.Box 390, AL Harthy Complex, Postal Code 118, Sultanate of Oman.  Tel.: 24504199, Fax:24595992, Email: